★All optical glass lenses!★Full metal construction!★Real broadband blue film for objective lens and blue film for eyepiece!★The imaging effect is very clear!★Fine workmanship, comfortable hand feeling!Basic parametersMagnification: 12 timesObjective ..


The main parametersMagnification (X): 16Field of view: 96m/8000mPrism material: BAK7Exit pupil diameter (mm): 2.8mmExit pupil distance (mm): 11mmCoating: FMC-Greenmain feature*Small and exquisite when folded, easy to carry* Metal structure, sturdy an..


●"Easy to fold" eye mask, comfortable to observe  High quality and low price, large sapphire eyepieces with long pupils and "easy-folding" goggles. Even if you wear glasses, it is convenient and comfortable to observe for a long time without bei..


Real 8x telescope, all-optical glass, real broadband green film for objective lens, blue film for eyepiece. The imaging effect is very clear and the workmanship is exquisite.Product parameterMagnification: 8 timesCaliber: 21 mmField of view: 6°Field ..


Safe material, specially designed for children, fast focusing, easy to use.Function type: ordinary telescopePurpose: civilian telescopeCustom processing: YesInstrument magnification: 8 timesExit pupil distance: 12 (mm)Exit pupil diameter: 21 (mm)Fiel..


There are eye masks / can be rotated up eyepieces / high-quality upgrade models are grandly listed! !Mini and AlmightyMC coating high-definition visionInterpupillary distance can be adjusted, suitable for all agesPortable and lightweight designOptica..


FMC multi-layer broadband coating is clearer, and the image color reproduction is higher at the same timeFunction type: ordinary telescopePurpose: civilian telescopeCustom processing: YesInstrument magnification: 12 timesExit pupil distance: 20 (mm)E..


Product parameterMagnification: 12 timesDimensions: 140*63*168mmPrism material: BAK4Waterproof performance: life waterproofEyepiece diameter: 21mmObjective lens diameter: 50mmLens coating: SMC full broadband multilayer coatingPrism coating: AR coatin..


Basic parametersWeight: 162gCaliber: 21mmField of view: 126m/1000mMagnification: 8 timesLens: optical glassCoating: objective lens broadband green film, eyepiece anti-reflection blue filmSuitable for the crowd: adults, teenagers, children..


Gold 8 times metal lens body FMC green film low light night visionMagnification: 8 timesObjective lens diameter: 21mmStyle: Double barrelField of view range: 131m/1000mPrism: BAK4Prism system: roof prismWeight: about 170gFocusing method: central focu..


Product parameterMagnification: 10 timesObjective lens diameter: 25MMColor: sand camouflageObjective lens coating: green film/blue film/red film for choiceField of view: (288FT/1000YDS) 96M/1000MExit pupil diameter: 2.8mmExit pupil distance: 11mmWeig..


Basic parametersActual magnification: 12 times (handheld high magnification)Objective lens diameter: 32mmtechnical parameterResolution: 8.8"Field of view: 5.5 degreesDimensions: length 132x width (unfolded 116 ~ folded 80) x thickness 43mmExit pupil ..


Binoculars for concerts, HD night vision, black and whiteExit pupil diameter: 2.2mmExit pupil distance: 7.6mmMagnification: 8 timesPrism material: Bak7Caliber: 21mmPrism system: PorroField of view: 107m/1000mResolution: 7.6Coating: FMC blue filmFocus..


Spectacle-style fishing float binoculars, a personal dedicated float-seeing tool designed for fishing enthusiasts, simple structure, clear and easy to use.Small, portable, lightweight and safeHD optical lens, lightweight design, adjustable focal leng..


It adopts large-aperture apochromatic objective lens, high-precision BaK4 prism system, comprehensive multi-layer coating, sharp image, advanced FMC multi-layer broadband coating technology, and high brightness.Ultra-short focal length, especially su..


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