12x metal mobile phone telescope travel photo external lens


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Note: This product uses the focus function that comes with the phone to adjust the focus without manual focus. The closest focus distance is 3 meters. (If some individuals feel that the lens is not clear, there is one in front of the lens that can adjust the sharpness)

    When using the phone zoom to shoot distant scenes, the image quality is certainly not ideal. This 12x optical lens has the characteristics of small size and light weight. After installing the lens, the phone becomes a small telephoto cannon with a true optical 400mm focal length. The leg stand adopts a multi-angle adjustment design. The exquisite and simple design adds a new telephoto shooting function experience to the mobile phone. Now users can take their mobile phone + LESUNG 12X telephoto lens to go out to shoot birds.

 This universal telephoto telephoto lens can be used by most of the models on the current market (high versatility, no longer have to worry about buying a telephoto, you can’t use it after changing your phone, and it is truly a mobile phone for the whole family. Can be used)

 It is applicable if the camera is not particularly protruding.

Basic performance indicators:

Manual focus ring

The minimum focusing distance is 3 meters

Viewing angle 10 degrees

Lens diameter 35mm

Size 35mmX100mm

Product weight: 130g

Gift box one size: 240mm*130mm*47mm

Gift box set weight: 370g

Gift box two size: 240mm*132mm*47mm

Gift box two set weight: 400g

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