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Battery-free NFC Sticker Shortcut Button for Android device, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Sony, One Plus, LG and more Smartphones.

Apps came into the Big Bang Era with the pace of Big Data. Thousands of apps is full of application market.Mobile phone memory continues to expand.Your mobile phone included more and more apps.As a result, you need some time to find the application you want.This does is a time-eating hassle for you. If you have it ,a shortcut button ,this problem is no problem——NFC button and your smart phone with NFC is OK to use. The so-called NFC technology is to support near-field communication,which is a short-range high-frequency radio technology. At present, the NFC technology is widely used in various places of life, such as access cards, traffic cards, identification etc. Even we are familiar with the use of Apple Pay is the NFC technology as well. Now we apply this NFC technology to the smart phone apps.It is like a sticker, attached to the back of the smart phone. giving each button a command, such as opening the camera, opening the WiFi, opening the data flow, opening the flashlight, starting or pausing music ,Entering the meeting mode and so on,the button is exclusive to this apps and your passion is more clear. 

Key Features: 
Controlling certain apps . Such as opening WiFi, Bluetooth, calling favorites contact, taking photo, going to website, playing music and so on 
A lot of freedom . You can change command of certain button anytime and anywhere, there is the only thing left to do and that make your life more convenient and comfortable 
Free. The native app is free and available for download from your smart phone app store. It is very useful and intuitive, meanwhile giving you a high degree of control and customization 
No burden. There is no extra attachment, tangling wires and battery, just pasting it on the back of the smart phone. Can be used on protective case 
Technology. This NFC Button uses NFC technology with information security and reliable.


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