Return & refund

Conditions and Requirements for secure return, which mainly includes (Please refer to the details of returning goods):
Product that has any quality defect;
Product that has been badly damaged on route or missing;
Product that is in good condition and unopened. All the parts mentioned in the packing list are included.

When applying for a refund,make sure that:
Product must be unopened and returned as received, and all the parts mentioned in the packing list are included.
There must be no scratches, no wear (damage), no bump, no use, no disassembly and other marks on the surface of the product.
Anti-counterfeiting marks, labels or other anti-counterfeiting measures shall not be scratched, torn, modified and chenged (if there is), unique warranty card cannot be missing or torn (if there is).
If there are gifts, they must be returned together.
Be sure to return the accessories, warranty card, instructions, invoices, inspection reports (for the product to be shown), etc. along with the product.
"Outer packing" is the original packaging of the manufacturer.